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We are LVBL, an LA-based tennis club centered around the game of Liveball. We've been spreading our unique version of remixed tennis throughout California, and now we're brining a free event to Cal Poly. Reserve your spot now and come enjoy some fun times and friendly competition on the court! 

When: Friday, February 16th from 5-7pm

Where: Mustang Tennis Complex, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

Cost: Free!

“A standard LVBL session starts with a warm-up and proceeds quickly into the game itself, a King of the Court style mini-match in which a team of randomly paired challengers on one side are fed a series of balls as they attempt to take down the champions across the net. Points are sharp with little downtime in between, designed to encourage friendly chatter and gentle competition and to give you a good workout all at once. It is also the rare group tennis class that moves fast enough to get you into a flow state, where the rest of the world melts away and time seems to stop, a meditative and calming sort of focus coveted by athletes across all sports. “


Check out our Insta for more information: @LVBL.CLUB

For anyone who hasn’t played LIVEBALL before, here are the rules. 

The rules of LiveBall are pretty simple.  There are always Four players on the court at one time - two on the champion side, and two on the challenger side in doubles formation. To displace the champions, the challengers need to win 3 points before the champs win two points.  The coaches feed the action switching between players on the challenger side each feed!!  When you win the champ side, you have to run to your position on the other side of the court, as a 3 second count down is ticking until the next ball is fed to the next set of challengers.  The game play is fast paced so keep your eyes on the coach in between points as the ball may be coming your way.  Only thing we ask is be safe, play your hearts out, and make it over onto the champ side and then stay over there as long as possible!! 


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